A journey from Bangladesh to China

Author: Abu Sufian, Project Coordinator of CCECC Bangladesh Limited

As an “Star Employee-2022” of CCECC Bangladesh Limited, I got an excellent opportunity to travel to China as reward which actually great appreciation to me to explore more. Like every year under the “Performance Management Program” of CCECC Bangladesh total 10 employees (6 Bangladeshi & 4 Chinese) got selectedas “Star Employee-2022” for the outstanding performance and contribution in the year-2022 among these 10 employees, 6 Bangladeshi local employees got chance to travel China so we travelled together.On 17 July 2023, we arrived at Kunming Changshui International Airport in Kunming which is a modern capital city of southern Yunnan province in China. It is a very important transportation hub of the mentioned province and is near Bangladesh. The weather in Kunming is similar to Bangladesh and suitable for us.

The next day on 18 July 2023 we had a great chance to climb the dragon gate at West Mountain by cable car to get amazing views of DIANCHI Lake and the city. The biggest lengthen cable car ever I have seen which makesit more attractiveto the tourist to enjoy the scenery of the Lake and city. The open cable care gave me extraordinary joy and I will memorize my feelings when we were coming downstream from the top of the mountain. The air and trees touch the body and give a close feeling of nature of the DIANCHI.

The View from Cable Car

Kunming is especially known for its Limestone, Scenery including waterfalls, Lakes, causeways, etc. A beautiful arrangement surrounds the lake with a huge area located at Yunnan Guizhou plateau close to Kunming. The surrounding nature of mountains, lakes, and the scenery of the city is very enjoyable.

The most important object which I recognized there is the water treatment plant in the lake. As per my observation, they are getting a very useful impact on agriculture and also the reservoir management of China through the treatment plant. Once they complete the project successfully that will be a great initiative for nature and water management and they can further use the technology overseas which will be a profitable project for China.

Beautiful Dianchi Lake and the city

In Bangladesh water pollution is a big problem and we are facing many obstaclescontinuously due to the shortage of fresh water. We may use such kind of water treatment plant in our country especially surrounding Dhaka or industrial area to purify the water and make the water usable in our life.

On the way back we visited CCECC KUNMING BRANCH OFFICE and exchanged our thought.



On 19 July 2023, we arrived at Daxing International Airport which is one of two international airports serving Beijing. Reached the well-planned and arranged capital city Beijing of China as well as the world’s most populated city.It is a very important hub for the internal railway, highway, expressway, and high-speed rail. Beijing is playing an important role in world business, economics, and politics. It seems like new weather in Beijing, the temperature little bit high. After about an hour’s journey, we arrived at CCECC PLAZA which is the head office of CCECC.


In the afternoon went to Tiananmen Square in the city center of Beijing, which is called the “Gate of Heavenly Peace” informed by a Chinese colleague. We just walk surrounding, and could not go inside due to the time limit.

Gate of Heavenly Peace

The representative of the head office briefs us on the history of CCECC and overseas projects in detail and arranged a video of the history of the CCECC overseas.

On 20 July 2023 in the early morning, we have the greatest chance to meet the honorable vice president WANG XIANG DONGof CCECC at the head office in Beijing. We introduced ourselves and brief shortly about our project in Bangladesh. Sir shared his thought about Bangladesh, projects, and especially the situation in South Asia. As sir mentioned CCECC is planning to make a hub branch of CCECC in Bangladesh for the South Asia and South Asia projects will be controlled from Bangladesh which will be a great achievement for Bangladesh as well as for the local employees. The honorable vice president sir encourages us for the work and coming future and said to focus on the work. Said through hard work we have a great chance with CCECC.

After sharing the thought, we visited a historical place the Forbidden City. It is constructed from 1406 to 1420. The forbidden city is surrounded by beautiful scenery,gardens, and a lot of temples, where the KING stayed as the residence.

The Forbidden City

We were waiting with great interest to visit the Great Wall of China. But that was bad luck for us due to heavy rain we could not visit the great wall though we went to the location.

As we know it is about 21,196 KM long including overlapping and different sections. The main purpose of the great wall is to defend, control the borders, transport along the silk road and develop trade, etc. As per the campaign of 2001, the Great Wall was listed as the seven wonders in the world.

The Great Wall on a Rainy Day

At night we have been visited Houhaialong the lake area to enjoy the night views over there. Such a nice view at night with the decoration of lights.

Local views:

  • Everywhere is very neat and clean which helps to have a happy life.
  • As we noticed in China they build a huge network of transportation locally with bus, metro, subway, rail, and highways which makes life easier.
  • The transaction system for transport or shopping is very simple and well-organized and anyone can move forward very easily.
  • The Chinese people are very polite and helpful to the guest and each other.


As China has taken the project “BELT AND ROAD INITIATIVE” since 2013 to connect Asia with Africa and Europe via land and maritime networks with the aim of improving regional integration, increasing trade, and stimulating economic growth. China prepared its internal transport and other facilities as required for the BRI project and hopefully, that will be the best achievement ever.


Through the tour of China (From 17 July to 22 July 2023) we experienced Chinese culture, technology, living facilities,and especially the thought and plan of CCECC about Bangladesh which will encourage us in our thinking and work.

Hope CCECC will arrange such kind of tour or training program yearly with more components thus we can get more experiences.